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Adventure Resources

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Adventure Resources 


Upkeep Costs

This is the amount the character spends on accommodations, food, drink, clothing, and items each month. It does not include the cost of adventuring gear, magic items, bribes, and so forth. The amount is paid on a regular basis (the first of each month), although it's assumed that character actually spends the money over the course of the entire month.


Upkeep costs are determined by the player, not the DM, based on how the player wants the character to live (assuming funds are available to maintain the desired lifestyle).


Lifestyle Upkeep/Month
Subsistence 2 gp
Meager 3-5 gp
Poor 6-10 gp
Average 11-20 gp
Good 21-50 gp
High 51-100 gp
Luxurious 101+ gp



This is the amount of money required simply to stay alive. It assumes living either in a very cheap abode, probably shared with others, on the streets, or in a place like the Mane. Unless the character has access to free food (including food grown in a garden), all she eats is potatoes, broth, and bread. She never eats in restaurants or pubs, virtually never drinks in taverns, and has no luxuries. She wears shabby, dirty clothes (probably covered in patches and mending) and rarely bathes. This character either lives in the Warrens (or the really poor parts of the Guildsman District or Midtown), or people just assume that she does.



This is the lifestyle of the common laborer in Ptolus. The character lives in a one-room apartment, eats poorly, and drinks only cheap, watery ale at low-class taverns. He probably gets a new article of clothing once a year, so what he wears is often tattered and stained.



The character lives comfortably, but completely without luxury. Meals are simple, but she doesnít go hungry and can afford a mug or two of ale regularly. The characterís clothing is simple, but not shabby or dirty.



This is a middle-class lifestyle. The character has a decent place to live, perhaps even with more than one room. He eats fairly well, occasionally eating in restaurants or pubs. He can afford to indulge in extravagances such as decent wine or the occasional new clothing item or even a bit of jewelry.



The character lives very well. Her rented house or apartment has multiple rooms, and she dines on quality food at every meal. The character can adopt an expensive habit, such as fine wines, perfumes, gambling, or fancy clothing, but she still needs to be mindful of the price of things.



The character lives in a large house with expensive furniture and silk sheets on the beds. He eats fine foods, drinks quality beverages, and wears fashionable clothing. Perfumes, jewelry, and expensive tobaccos are just some of the luxuries the character can afford. He might even have a servant or two.



If the character sees something she wants, she buys it. No extravagance is too great. She takes every meal at a fine restaurant or an elegant dinner party. Her wardrobes overflow with articles of expensive clothing, and she wears jewelry and high-priced cologne at all times. This character almost certainly employs a personal servant (or a staff) to look after her home and possessions. She almost certainly lives in the Nobles' Quarter.


Discount Items

Marta Thone at Saches is selling used adventuring equipment at half price. Get them while they last!

Items include:

  • half-plate
  • masterwork scalemail
  • masterwork leather armor
  • heavy wooden shield
  • masterwork dagger (2)
  • short sword
  • battleaxe
  • comp. longbow [Crow buys]
  • light crossbow
  • backpack (2)
  • bedroll (2)
  • sack(2)
  • flint & steel (2)
  • hooded lantern w/ 3 pints of oil
  • crowbar  [Crow buys]
  • silk rope(50ft)
  • tent
  • acid flask (3)
  • alchemist fire (3)
  • healers kit (2)
  • everburning torch
  • masterwork thieves tools
  • potion of cure light wounds (3) [purchased during adventure]


Brother Fabitor at St. Gustav's near Delver's Square offers healing services (for a price of course) he also sells healing potions.

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