Character creation

Character Creation Guidelines 

All class options detailed in an official Wizards of the Coast 4e sourcebook are acceptable. Class options detailed elsewhere need to be approved by Jason first. Be sure to review the House Rules page for rules that may influence your character choices (for example the importance of skill challenges).


Once you have a character concept (race & class), it is suggested you email Jason to make sure your concept fits the campaign.


The PCs are responsible for determining how the group forms.


NOTE: If you are using any class options that are not detailed in a core rulebook please bring the source material with errata to game sessions (a printout or photo copy of the page(s) is all you need).


Character creation notes:


Character Background

PCs that choose a suitable background from the Ptolus_players_guide.pdf are awarded the special benefit noted in the table on page 25. Please explicitly mark this background choice somewhere on your character sheet. The skill transitions to 4e are as follows:




Knowledge (alchemy)


craft skill of choice    

knowledge skill of choice

Profession (shopkeeper) Streetwise
Perform special contact
Gather Information Streetwise
Profession (sailor) Athletics
Handle Animal Nature


Magic Items

It is helpful for the DM if you maintain a list of desired magic items for your character somewhere on your character sheet or wiki page. Try to include three to five items. None of them should be more then 4 levels above your current level.


Class Powers

In a nice HTML table form, which you can copy/paste into your character sheet.