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Cyan Bloodstar

Page history last edited by Dave 15 years, 8 months ago

Male Human                       Wizard 4
Initiative +6                        Senses Perception +10
HP 33; Bloodied 16; Surge Value 6; Surges/day 7
AC 18; Fortitude 15; Reflex 19; Will 20

Resist 5 necrotic and resist 5 poison.

Speed 6

Dagger +4 (1d4) 

Alignment Good         Languages Common, Draconic
Abilities Str 8, Con 11, Dex 11, Int 19, Wis 17, Cha 12
Feats Action Surge, Improved Initiative, Skill Training Perception, Leather Armor Proficiency

Skill Name
Trained 1/2Level Total

Acrobatics Dex 0
+2 +2 armor check penalty
Arcana Int +4

+2 +11
Athletics Str -1
+2 +1
armor check penalty
Bluff Cha +1

+2 +3

Diplomacy Cha +1

+5 +2 +8

Dungeoneering Wis +3

+2 +5

Endurance Con 0  
+2 +2
armor check penalty
Heal Wis +3

  +2 +5

History Int

+2 +6

Insight Wis +3

+5 +2 +10

Intimidate Cha +1

+2 +3
Nature Wis +3
+2 +10

Perception Wis +3

+2 +10

Religion Int +4

+5 +2 +11

Stealth Dex 0
+2 +2 armor check penalty
Streetwise Cha +1

+2 +3
Thievery Dex 0
+2 +2 armor check penalty

At-Will Powers

Ghost Sound
Mage Hand
Ray of Frost +7
Scorching burst +7
Thunderwave +7


Encounter Powers

Chill Strike +7


Color Spray +7


Daily Powers

Sleep +7

Flaming Sphere +7   

Utility Powers


Expeditious Retreat



Comprehend Languages

Make Whole

Tensoer's Floating Disk (100gp)

Endure Elements(100gp)

Eye of Alarm(100gp)


Orb of Inevitable Continuance (3rd)

Amulet of Protection +2 (6th)

Deathcut Armor +1 (5th)

Healing Potion x2

Chaositech Orb (+9vRef Burst 1/10 dazed (save ends)

Adventurers Kit

Everburning Torch

Fine Clothing

Residuum (175gp worth)




Possible Future Feats

Expanded Spellbook

Human Perserverance

Arcane Focus

Arcane Reach

Multi-Class Cleric


Personal Information

Age: 20   

Height: 6"0

Weight: 195 lbs.

Hair: Dark

Eyes: Cerulean Blue

Physical Description: Cyan is perhaps a bit taller than some humans, reaching about 6' tall and weighing nearly 200lbs. He wears fine clothing with a spectacular cerulean cape, which matches his eyes, adorned with sewn-in sigils that shimmer in the right light.  He has bright blue eyes and nary a whisker upon his face. His jawline is angular and his cheeks are dimpled while his black hair seems tossed about and carefree. He wields a simple dagger as his only weapon but a series of pouches gird his waist with a couple books and some vials of this and that. He usually has an old, but well worn, backback that he tosses odds and ends into while "adventuring." He wears polished boots that come up just below his knees. He has a penchant for colorful, decorated masks to keep an air of mystery around him. He is never seen without his best friend, Qyllion, a Raven that is often perched upon Cyan's outstretched arm or high atop one shoulder. The two often chat amongst themselves in a bunch of unintelligable nonsense, indecipherable to others.


Region: Ptolus


These are questions from the PHB page 23 for fleshing out character personality.


Social Interactions:

  • How do others perceive you in social interactions? Talkative

  • How optimistic are you? Self-Assured

  • How trusting are you? Trusting


Decision Points:

  • How assertive are you at a decision point? Adaptable

  • How conscientious are you about following rules? Wild

  • How empathetic are you?  Kind


Dire Straits:

  • How courageous are you in dire straits? Competitive

  • How do you feel when faced by setbacks? Bold

  • How are your nerves? Calm



  • makes eye contact with everyone, willing to chat with anyone

  • has habit of biting fingernails down to the skin, sometimes drawing blood

  • whistles to himself often


Coveted Items

--Orb of ???? (waiting for something cool)

--Shadowfell Gloves


Character Background

Cyan Bloodstar currently resides in the Noble's quarter, in the very last house on King's road, on the edge of King's River Gorge. He lives and works there as an apprentice to Darsus Nightwish, a middling, human magus and ambitious political figure. Cyan is far removed from the days of his youth spent in the gutter fending for himself and relying on the pitiful offerings he gathered as a begger. He is, he thinks, the only son of a Witch and a Holy man of an unnamed, masked God from the distant realm of The Sea Kingdoms. Their untimely calling to the great beyond left Cyan in the care of an apathetic uncle who helped pay his bills by forcing the young boy into servitude. Eventually the Uncle mounted gambling debts he couldn't pay and was targeted for elimination, which left Cyan alone and hungry. Cyan's begging and petty theivery attracted the attention of Darsus who had alternative methods for dealing with miscreants. Darsus took the lad back with him to Ptolus and in time, earned the boy's trust and established Cyan as the son that he could never have with his partner, a half-elven cleric of Ioun, Xavier Idlewild.


Cyan learned early on that he was smarter than most his age and even though he learned well the skills of reading and writing from Darsus, he felt the lure of the mysterious magical energies that Darsus and Xavier practiced. When he old enough, Cyan apprenticed to Darsus and began his formal training as a Mage of the Infiite Mind. Though he would be many years from joining the order, Cyan was an apt pupil at the knee of its members, especially his fathers. Apart from his training as a wizard, Cyan found a baby bird, with a broken wing and against the advice of his parents, nutured it to health and then to adulthood. He named it Qyllion and the two of them are never far apart. They have been best friends for a few years now and engage in constant conversation if no one else is doing any talking.


Cyan has matured much in the last few years, reaching full manhood and a more complete understanding of his abilities, limitations and the stirrings of his soul. He is quick to engage in conversation, especially with young ladies that he thinks might succumb to his wit, smile, and dark tresses. He is slightly vain but in a good-spirited way. He has taken to the habit of wearing masks whenever he goes outside his house, as he delights in the intrigue and mystery it creates. He has several he keeps with him, so he has something for all occasions. He has had an on-again off-again relationship with several young, noblewomen from a few different houses, most notably Katrina Kath, cousin of House Matriarch Devina Kath. It would be accurate to say that the rumors of these relationships have irked the nobility in some of those houses.


Cyan has begun delving recently with a group of other like-minded folks and enjoys the action this brings him. He had become restless with endless study and no real practical application of his knowledge and skills. Darsus, and Xavier, support Cyan's activities, what they know of them anyway, though they are often worried about his well-being. Cyan has begun to see the city in a different light now that he has experienced some of the worst the city has to offer. He and Qyllion continue their adventures....


Contact- Darsus Nightwish (Paragon Wizard)


Character Sheet



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Jason said

at 9:24 am on Jul 6, 2008

Katrina Kath is actually Devina's younger cousin. Her only daughter, Ethiisha, is already married. So just change that minor detail and everything else looks great.

ish said

at 4:05 pm on Jul 8, 2008

qyllion looks like a raven now, too

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