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Welcome to Our 4e Ptolus Campaign!


[Visitors interested in contacting us please see the contact page.]


Instead of having a bunch of information about our Ptolus campaign spread out across dozens of emails I thought it would be much better for us to collaboratively maintain this wiki. Contribute as you see fit (especially make sure to correct mistakes I may have made related to your character).


As the campaign progresses this will be a great place to post character journals, notes, goals, adventure recaps, etc..


Ptolus, City by the Spire

Players will get the most enjoyment out of the campaign if they become familiar with the Players Guide to Ptolus (Ptolus_players_guide.pdf). It is also recommended to avoid campaign spoilers. The Player's Guide to Ptolus provides all the setting information you need as a player. (Note: game mechanics are no longer valid since we will be using the 4e ruleset). 


The Heroes

Crow -- warforged paladin

Cyan Bloodstar -- human Wizard

Jacob Eberstark -- human artificer

Miasshirra -- felf rogue

Edson Galivono -- human warlock


The Adventures

Adventure Resources -- in-game resources

Session Summaries -- adventure notes, loot, xp, etc.

Preliminary Encounters -- how the Heroes came together

New Beginnings -- New Game...New Meetup


Rules, Guidelines etc.

This campaign uses the core D&D version 4 system except as noted in the House Rules or Character Creation page. The term "Core Rulebooks" or "Core" refer to the Player's Handbook (PHB), Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG), and Monster Manual (MM).

Character Creation

House Rules


OOC Chat


Recent Changes

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