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Status Quo Encounters

The campaign will included tailored encounters as well as status quo encounters as detailed in page 48 of the Dungeon Master's guide. What does this mean for the players? Occasionally you will need to run or otherwise escape from an encounter. Very rarely will this not be obvious.


Information Flow

Players are allowed to watch scenes they are not participating in. For example, Siggi the halfling rogue decides to sneak up ahead and eavesdrop on two nobles engaged in conversation. The other players stay at the table and watch the scene played out with Siggi and the nobles, however they shouldn't give advice to Siggi and any secrets Siggi discovers remain with Siggi unless he decides to communicate them to the other players.


"Players are expected to maintain a distance between what they know as audience members and what their PCs know." -- Dungeon Master Guide II pg 24



Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when a player is announcing an action their character is performing or is just thinking outloud. The general rule is that takebacks are only okay for clearly nonsensical or misinformed actions. An example of this is a pc announcing an action before the DM fully describes the scene. The DM knows the room is actually comprised of a 100ft deep hole but before he can say that the PC says, "I enter the room, what do I see?".  For more information and examples see the Dungeon Master Guide II page 25.

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