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Jacob Eberstark

Page history last edited by Steve-0 15 years, 8 months ago

 Male human                          Artificer 4

Initiative +2                           Senses Perception +8; Insight +7
HP 41Bloodied 20; Surge Value 10; Surges/day 9
AC 19 (Delver's Leather +1); Fortitude 17; Reflex 18; Will 17 (Human Perseverance, Amulet of Protection +1)

Speed 6
Basic Melee Dagger -- +6 (1d4+1)

Basic Ranged Thunderburst Dragon Pistol+1 -- +6 (1d10+1)

Alignment Unaligned             Languages Common, Elven
Abilities Str 12 (+1), Con 14 (+2), Dex 11 (+0), Int 19 (+4), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 14 (+2)

Feats Weapon Proficiency (Dragon Pistol), Ritual Caster, Human Perseverance, Pact Initiate (Infernal), Defensive Mobility

Other Abilities Arcane Replenishment, Furbish Components
Equipment Thunderburst Dragon Pistol+1, Dagger, Rod of Deadly Casting+1, Delver's Leather Armor+1, Cannith Goggles, Amulet of Protection+1, Backpack, Bedroll, 10 days rations, 2 Sunrods, Thieves Tools, Chaostech Orb, Pistol Ammunition "Shot" (20), Ritual Book (contains Make Whole, Comprehend Languages, Enchant Magic Items, Brew Potion), 454gp, 9sp


Skill Name
Level Trained Armor Misc. Total
Acrobatics Dex +0
Arcana Int +4
+2 +5     +11
Athletics Str +1 +2
Bluff Cha +2
+2       +4
Diplomacy Cha +2
+2       +4
Dungeoneering Wis +0 +2
Endurance Con +2 +2 +5     +9
Heal Wis +0
+2       +2
History Int
+4 +2 +5     +11
Insight Wis +0
+2 +5     +7
Intimidate Cha +2 +2 +5     +9
Nature Wis +0 +2
Perception Wis +0
+2 +5   +2 Goggles  +9
Religion Int +4
+2       +6
Stealth Dex +0
+2       +2
Streetwise Cha +2 +2
Thievery Dex +0
+2 +5     +7



At-Will Infusions/Spells

Aggravating Force

Thundering Armor

Eldritch Blast


Encounter Infusions/Spells

Repair Object
Hellish Rebuke
Shielding Cube
Healing Infusion x2: Curative Admixture or Restorative Formula
Altered Luck


Daily Infusions

Caustic Rampart

Restorative Infusion


Magic Item Daily Powers

Delver's Leather +1 -- Free Action, +2 to save roll and use new result

Cannith Goggles -- Minor Action, can spend encounter or daily power to get darkvision


Personal Information

Age: 30
Height: 6'3" 
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Physical Description: See pic
Region: Ptolus
Religion: Teun, Mother of All Machines



Character Background


Jacob grew up in a small village outside of Ptolus.  His mother was a local herbalist/healer and his father was a woodcutter.  They did not have much, but life was simple.  Jacob loved to read about the exploits of heroes past and of ancient empires, especially the weaponry and technology.  What little money his father made, Jacob received books and woodcarvings depicting glorious battles and historical lore.


However, tragedy struck when Jacob was in his early teens.  His mother bacame more and more distant, much to Jacob and his father's dismay.  She would disappear at times, and she would behave irritably, almost viciously.  Months passed until one night, a mob appeared at their door, accusing Jacob's mother of demonic witchcraft.  Though she was not home, Jacob's father vehemently denied the accusations and sent them on their way.


Much later that evening (after his father had sent him to bed), Jacob awoke to find his parents arguing in the next room.  Jacob remained hidden and listened.  His father had confronted her about the mob's charges.  Angrily, she attacked her husband, denying her involvement until his father produced some sort of talisman (later Jacob learned it was one of many instruments used to call and bind demons to this world).  Her rage and tears immediately disappeared, and she laughed hysterically.  Her voice changed, becoming unworldly and harsh.  Jacob's mother, if the thing could still be called that, spoke of how it would feast on his father then come for Jacob himself.  Jacob's father began chanting words Jacob had only heard in church before then.  Jacob's mother screamed in pain and fury, threw herself at her husband and tore him in half!


Afterwards, she stood there in the blood, sniffing and huffing like an animal.  Suddenly, her face turned towards Jacob's room.  Frozen with fear, Jacob could think of nothing but the life he had just lost in a space of a few minutes.  Fortunately, several of the townsfolk from earlier had kept watch over their house, and when things had gotten out of hand, they made their move, breaking down the door before Jacob's mother could attack her son.  One of the townsfolk was an accomplished priest, named Father Wilhelm, and he was able to banish the demon from Jacob's mother's body.  However, the experience left his mother unconscious for the rest of her days.


From then on, Jacob was raised by the Father Wilhelm.  When he was old enough, Jacob left the village and moved to Ptolus.  There, given his proclivity for history and books, he apprenticed as a schoolteacher.  He became rather famous for his abilities to enlighten others, and he found that many of the nobles started to hire him to teach their children.  So, while Jacob bought a small apartment in the Guildsman District, he worked mainly in the Noble's Quarter.


However, his true passion involved gadgets and machines he found in the city dump.  Tirelessly, during the evenings, Jacob would take them apart and put them back together.  At some point, he discovered that machines had an "energy" of their own, and that this "energy" could be shaped and used.  Seeing this as a sign, he began to worship Teun, the Mother of All Machines.


Recently, Jacob received message, a message from his mother.  She had died almost fifteen years ago, but in a dream she appeared to him.  She asked him to follow a difficult path, a path of righteousness and faith.  She asked him to become a warrior of good.  She did not want others to succumb to the wickedness she had endured at the hands of evil magic and foul demons.  Before she faded away, she told him that she loved him and that she would always be near...  Jacob awoke more weary than before he went to bed.  How could he give up his life of peace and academics to lead a life of death and violence?  How could he not?  Surely his mother's wish was a sign.  However, it was sign unwanted...


Jacob has started seeing his mother everywhere, her ghostly form following him and speaking to him.  No one else can see her or hear her.  To make matters worse, Jacob has begun to display infernal powers, granting him the ability to summon black hellfire to scorch his foes.  Had his mother's folly forfeited his soul?   Thinking himself truly damned, he tried to forget his fate at the bottom of an ale mug.


This did not help, so he sought out spiritual guidance at St. Gustav's.  However, the priest had little time for him.  This encounter has shown him that perhaps the "straight-and-narrow" is perhaps not the best way to go.  He currently is exploring his new abilities, though tentatively.

Comments (5)

Jason said

at 9:31 am on Jul 6, 2008

Everything looks good. One minor point, Abyssal isn't a language option for a first level character. If you can justify it (not too hard considering your background) then I can allow it. Mind making a note of how you know it?

Dave said

at 11:04 am on Jul 6, 2008

Curiously, there is no mention of Artificer skills or background other than a minor mention in the first paragraph. How did he get from curiosity to 2nd level in his abilities? Where did he train or is he self-taught? Maybe the GM already knows but I was wondering about it as a fellow player....Or we could just RP it out.

Steve-0 said

at 12:58 pm on Jul 6, 2008

Abyssal was chosen because of his fiendish heritage, but you're right about it not being allowed for 1st level characters. I will choose Primordial then.

As far as being an artificer in the background, I didn't want to change the text too much, but since some players are fussy in that way, I'll add some more stuff about it.

Dan said

at 3:24 pm on Jul 21, 2008

Steve, you said that you got that image from a character image generator somewhere. Mind sharing the link?

Steve-0 said

at 8:44 am on Jul 22, 2008

It's in Portugese, so here's another another link for you: http://translate.google.com

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