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Miasshirra rra'Therrass


Race: Felf

Class: Rogue


Character Background

Miasshirra is a rare crossbreed between an elf and a catfolk, called a felf.  These people look similar to elves, but have large cat-like ears and tails.  She is a petite woman of approximately elven proportions, standing about 5'2".  In human terms, she appears about 15 or 16 (although with elven heritage, appearances are always deceiving).  She wears her thick golden-brown hair medium length, with a dozen small braids.  Some of the braids have small items woven into them.  Miasshirra usually wears a simple dress of a style similar to those worn by most commoners.  She sometimes decorates herself with jewelry and baubles, though they change on a regular basis.


She moved to Ptolus about years ago from somewhere far to the east.  Her accent is similar to that of some litorians.  She is not a citizen of Ptolus or the Empire.  During her time in Ptolus, she has had several jobs in various stores, but has managed to lose them all due to her bad temper.  She's also been in trouble for shoplifting a few times, although she has never been to jail.  Despite her lack of a steady job, she seems to earn enough money to survive.  She can often be found dancing the night away at various taverns around the city.  She has few friends - acquaintances, really - mostly halflings, gnomes and the like.


Miasshirra is a rogue, specializing in acrobatics and thieving.  Recently, she has decided that she wants to get some of the treasures below the city for herself.

Best picture I can find.  Miasshirra's hair has about a dozen small braids on both the front and back.  Some of the braids have colored beads woven in, and one even has a small silver ring in it.  Her clothing varies depending upon the situation - she does not wear armor unless she thinks there's going to be a fight.


Charms: It is unlikely that any other PCs would know this, but catfolk keep mementos of their life as charms they wear.  Of course, someone could ask Miasshirra why she's wearing a rat tooth in her hair.

  • A silver ring of elven design.  Miasshirra has had this from before she arrived in Ptolus.
  • From Session 8, Miasshirra has a long rat tooth (2") with the material from a cheap braided-metal ring clamped tightly around it.  It has been braided into her hair, featured in a prominent place near her right ear.


Other Characters

Miasshirra first met Cyan, Crow and Jacob at the Ghostly Minstrel in Tavern Row.  Their mutual interest in becoming Delvers inspired them to join forces.  While working at the Ghostly Minstrel after the group's first series of adventures, Miasshirra became acquainted with Edson, another aspiring Delver.



Since Miasshirra began her journey west, she has never had much money.  Unfamiliarity with money and the inability to keep a steady job have kept her down since the instant she arrived in Ptolus.  Miasshirra consistently lived far outside her resources, and had to pawn back nearly all her possessions shortly after acquiring them.  Between the odd job and "borrowing" money, Mia lived in Poor conditions in the Warrens until luck finally found her.  Luck came in the form of the rest of our brave band of heros and brought with it enough money to set Miassarra on the path to the life she deserves.  The sudden influx of money let her rent a luxurious (relatively) 2 room flat near Malav and Bridge Street.


GM Only (character sheet)


DM Comments

I noticed you've been working at the Ghostly Minstrel for a month. That means you have had a chance to get to know the owner and key workers.


The owner is a quiet man that tends to keep to himself, named Vard Hillman. He usually spends his time in the kitchen or in his makeshift office on the third floor. You have also gotten to know Tellith Herdsman, she is the pretty young woman with reddish-brown hair that works the front desk. She usually handles the inn portion of the establishment. And finally there is Zade Kenevan, the bald, skinny, and gruff bartender that never seems to forget a face or a name.



I had fun with the hero creator thing of Steve's: (not a great picture, but fun)


Comments (2)

Jason said

at 9:37 am on Jul 6, 2008

Looks good. And you can may the 4e adjustment to price for your apartment that you suggested.

Dan said

at 4:00 pm on Jul 8, 2008

Whoa, I completely missed your comments, Jason. I would imagine that the ownet et. al. probably now have the impression that Miassharra is someone who will only do the minimum (though she has no problems wearing lots of flair). She is better than she used to be about getting into fights with the customers, though at the Ghostly Minstrel, holding your own in a fight is probably a desirable job trait.

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