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New Beginnings

Page history last edited by Dave 15 years, 2 months ago

 A few months game time has passed since the last session. Feel free to let us know what your character has been doing during that time. You can also RP coming back together or new introductions (for the new characters); perhaps one evening at the Ghostly Minstrel in Delver's Square?

Cyan Bloodstar strolls down King's Road, breathing in the fresh sea air. He takes out a custom Jester's mask and seats it upon his fair features. It felt good to finally be outside instead of stuck in his father's laboratory or library like he had for the past month. He had spent his days working hard to perfect his new areas of study, to perfect his application of spells both deadly and benign, to perfect his understanding of the arts arcane...or at least as much as he could perfect it since he was so young and relatively inexperienced. He whistles sharply and Qyllion zips through the dusk sky, landing with grace upon Cyan's right shoulder.


His blue cape sweeps out behind him in the sea breeze, showing his charcoal, finely crafted and appointed matching breeches and tunic and glossy knee-high boots. He kick steps through the gates into Oldtown, passing the guards with a quick little salute and heads towards The Ghostly Minstrel. He remembers fondly his companions and the first time they met. The little Felf girl so hungry to get Delving beneath the streets of Ptolus, Jacob, the confusing man of mechanical guile who speaks with ghosts, Crow the automaton wrecking ball, so intelligent and so alien at the same time. What a motley crew they were, they are.


Lost in thought of the their adventures several weeks ago, Cyan is surprised to see he and Qyllion are standing only paces from the door to the Ghostly Minstrel. He takes a deep breath, bathing in the sounds and smells from within. Then with a shriek from his friend, they enter to see if any of the others have shown up yet.  Scanning the room, and seeing that he is indeed the first, Cyan finds an empty table near the window and orders a glass of wine to pass the time.


"No deepwine for you today?" asks the waitress.  Confused, Cyan looks up to see his former adventuring companion, Miasshirra, as the one taking his drink order.  She is dressed in a plain working dress, but is also showing off several fine baubles, much too expensive for a typical working girl.  "What are you doing here?" queries Cyan.  Petulantly, Miasshirra replies, "Working?  What does it look like?  Why do you think I suggested we meet here?  Hold on a minute, let me get your drink."


Returning a moment later with two glasses of wine, Miasshirra calls out behind her. "I'm going on my break now!"  Sitting down next to Cyan, she begins to explain.  "I've been working here for a whole month now.  But you never come out of Oldtown, so you wouldn't know.  The pay's not that great, but the owner isn't a jerk like my last boss.  I can't believe he fired me just because I showed late for work once or twice.  Anyway, the owner here appreciates a girl who can take care of herself."  As if to prove her point, a throwing knife appears out of thin air in Miasshirra's hand, and she begins absent-mindedly balancing it on her finger.



Another night approached, and Crow readied himself for action once again. Well, he hefted his new battleaxe, testing the balance, mentally preparing for what was likely to be another calm night patrolling the streets. He'd spent the last month wandering Ptolus after dusk collaring pickpockets (releasing those who stole out of need rather than vice) and ruffians. From what he'd learned during his studies back in Kem, the common races were supposed to shut down for six hours every night, but he'd seen no evidence of that in the bustling city.


After a few minor misunderstandings with the town guard, they embraced his vigilantism, even offering him a small stipend for his good works. The local housefraus, once quite frightened of the alien-looking stranger, had come to see him as a comforting presence, for where he went, peace followed.


Making his way through Delver's Square, his keen ears picked up a familiar sound, the squawk of a large bird. Qyllion? Turning a quick corner, he sees the flash of a bright cape and feathers disappearing into the Ghostly Minstrel. Intrigued, he follows.



"Yummy. Deepwine. Tis distilled from Deeppears ya know." Cyan takes a long sip and smacks his lips in appreciation. He gazes up and down the length of Mia.  "Well I never get down here because some of us didn't have the option of hanging out in a bar nonstop. Some of us had to study and learn a few things... and I have family to consider." Cyan takes another good sip and adds while eyeing the spinning steel, "Careful with that dagger girlie... I don't want you to have an accident that ends up with me giving you mouth to mouth... not just yet anyway." Mia throws Cyan the glare he had missed over the last month and he changes the subject while holding up his glass so Qyllion can get the last few slurps, "You seen any of the others?"


"You're the first.  But... wait, there's Crow."  Miasshirra stands up and waves as Crow enters the tavern.  "Croooow!  Over here!"


Stepping across the threshold, Crow takes in the busy scene. Loud, tipsy patrons cry for more ale as busy tavernmaids rush to fill orders, arms overflowing with mugs and plates. Huddled figures whisper with heads together in corners. The stoic bartender, Zade, glances his way and gives a slow nod of recognition. A smile spreads across Crow's face, a strange sight for those who've never seen living metal stretch. Nothing's changed.


Suddenly, he catches his name drifting across the bustling room. Turning toward the window, he sees his old companions, the small Felf girl Mia, and the Cyan the mage. Reflexively, he checks his coin pouch, then realizes it's hidden in his hip, where no pickpocket could reach it. Smiling again, he heads over to the table. "Mia, Cyan! It's good to see you again." He turns to Qyllion. "Thanks for the heads up, my friend. How have you both been? Is Jacob around?" He takes a seat at the table across from Cyan and glances at his drink. "Deepwine again? Ugh. Well, I suppose I'll have one. I've noticed barstaff get antsy when I don't order anything to eat or drink. I'm surprised you folk don't charge for air, too."


Cyan watches the machine moves towards them fluidly, sit down, and converse with ease. He chuckles slightly behind his Jester's mask at the walking statue and the great magic that created it. "Crow, you are looking good. Have you been working out?  Are you letting your hair grow?" He eyes his empty glass and signals Mia for a refill. "I assume that is a free refill, yes?"


Miasshirra lets out a sigh, but gets up and comes back with two more glasses of wine.  Smiling at Crow, she says "Drinks are on me, but only tonight.  Waitressing doesn't pay nearly as well as delving.  And my, uh, side job hasn't been going well either."


Qyllion hops down from the mage's shoulder and sticks his beak within the folds of Cyan's robes and pulls a little until he appears with a bloody piece of jagged meat that he tears at, content to make a bloody mess on the table. Cyan barely notices as he is still watching his empty glass. Then he comes out of his daze and says abruptly, "Jacob? Nope, not yet. But I think his mother is here already sitting at that chair beside you, Crow. Doesn't it seem colder over there than here?"


"It just seems colder over here because you're so flaming," Crow responds. Then he crooks a finger and waves it through the empty space beside him. "But you're right about Jacob's mother. She's here." He sniffs his finger. "And filthy."


Crow pauses for a second, then looks over at Mia. "Wait, side job? Wait, actual job? If I could, I'd faint. Are you actually trying to behave? I might get smitten for saying this, but I think I'm actually a little disappointed, little one."


"Flaming? That must be part of the warforged lexicon." Cyan leans forward and lifts his mask enough to stick out his tongue at the automaton.


Miassharra puts on a hurt-looking face.  "I always behave.  Well, that and the magistrate said that if he saw me again it'd be more than just a slap on the wrist.  So I'm laying low until he forgets about me.  That's part of the reason I called everyone together again."

Comments (3)

Dan said

at 8:35 am on Jul 6, 2008

I'm going to go ahead and take a few small liberties with your character so that this flows a little better. Feel free to do the same with mine.

ish said

at 3:45 pm on Jul 6, 2008

I'm handwaving Crow's race change. He's more the character I wanted to play in the first place anyway.

Dave said

at 5:26 pm on Jul 6, 2008

No worries.

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