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OOC Chat

Page history last edited by ish 15 years, 11 months ago

Ish: Anyone know what paragon paths they're interested in? I'm thinking multi-cleric to go Divine Oracle or multi-fighter to go Pit Fighter. Am I stepping on anyone's toes? Steve, are you going to play an artificer? Either way, we'll still have a leader, which frees me up from needing to go cleric or warlord.


Also, Jason, people have been complaining on the boards about Paladin to Cleric multiclassing, because it's the only combination that doesn't let you pick up an additional skill (Pallys have to have Religion, and Cleric only lets you pick up Religion. Can I choose a different Cleric skill or retrain instead?


I remember Knowledge (local) being a great skill. What's the equivalent now, History, or is it rolled into Streetwise like Gather Info?


Dave: Actually I was planning on Multi-Cleric to Divine Oracle as well. Divine Oracle kicks ass!


Jason: Yeah, Divine Oracle is probably the coolest Paragon Path (IMO). Ish, you can choose another skill from the Paladin class list. And the equivalent of Knowledge (local) is History. History represents what you already know about the city. Streetwise is what you can find out about the city given a certain amount of time.


Oh, and yeah, Steve told me last night he is going with the Artificer (which BTW, seems really cool).


Ish: Okay, if Dan's not going Pit Fighter then I'll probably do that to give me a bit more Striker capability (or wait 'til Martial Power comes out and see what's up there). I'd like to see as many different Paragon Paths in action as possible, and the coolest DO power is redundant if there's more than one.


Dave: Well by the time Martial book comes out there might be many other options to choose from that make DO look crappy by comparison. That leads me to a question...when FR stuff comes out will we have access to it in this Ptolus campaign?


Dan: I don't plan that stuff out 8 levels ahead of time.  I'm definitely not going Pit Fighter, since I'm a rogue.


Ish: Oh yeah, different character. Jason, do you care about the base items for magic gear? I'd like a Resounding battleaxe and Curseforged plate, but they're only available on bludgeoning weapons or chain and scale, respectively. I see no reason, other than flavor, that an axe can't do thunder damage and daze an opponent.


Jason: Ish, there's already so much untested mechanics I'm introducing with the Ptolus conversion that I prefer we stick to the book for everything else. But once we are more comfortable with the system I don't mind changing stuff.


Ish: Are there any rules for upgrading items? Obviously, Crow's not trading in his docent.


Jason: Well, it looks like you "enchant" it into a new item (doesn't maintain its orginal properties) and one fith the cost of the orginal item is subtracted from the new enchant price.


Ish: Okay, that's what I figured. Looks like we've got two people trained in Streetwise, so I'm switching my docent back to Perception.

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ish said

at 3:23 pm on Jul 18, 2008

hey guys, how do you edit notifications? mine are screwed up.

Jason said

at 4:27 pm on Jul 18, 2008

Top right corner under your email address click "account". On the home tab there is a check box for notifications. Make sure that is checked. Otherwise you can subscribe to the RSS feed (I prefer that route).

Dan said

at 12:47 am on Jul 19, 2008

Yeah, mine are screwed up too. I have the box checked, but it won't send me e-mails. RSS works, though.

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