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Warforged Lexicon

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Calling: the ability to utilize martial powers


Elders: the first warforged who awoke in Kem 1500 years ago. All other warforged since have been created by the Eternal Mothers.


Eternal Mother: warforged Elders who converted themselves into immobile, sentient creation forges. Though they are called "mothers," some identify as male, others as female, and others as genderless.


Faceless One: the future warforged god. No one knows what it will look like or who it will be.


Gift: arcane power, the ability to channel arcane energy


Lifelink: a warforged marriage ceremony. By exchanging third eyes, two warforged commit their lives to one another. This is quite rare and a cause for great celebration, for warforged seem to have no maximum lifespan. Warforged created by the same Eternal Mother consider themselves siblings; they never lifelink.


Pilgrims: warforged who have left Kem to make their way in the wide world


Sight: psionic power, the ability to utilize psionic powers


Spark: divine power, the ability to channel divine energy


Third Eye: docent. Each warforged is created with a docent that contains a shard of their Eternal Mother's personality.


Warforged also have unique names for each of the races they've come into contact with:


Aasimars: Children of the Dawn

Dragonborn: Children of the Sun

Drow: Children of the Deep

Dwarves: Children of the Earth

Eladrin: Children of the Stars

Elves: Children of the Sky

Felfs: Children of the Whisper

Gnomes: Children of the Clouds

Goblinoids: Children of the Claw

Half-Elves: Children of the Storm

Halflings: Children of Rogue

Harrow Elves: Children of Tears

Humans: Children of the Wind

Kobolds: Children of the Dust

Orcs: Children of Blood

Sahuagin: Children of the Sea

Shadar-Kai: Children of Night

Shifters: Children of Lunas

Tieflings: Children of the Flame

Undead: Children of the Veil

Warforged: The Orphaned

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